Monday, February 04, 2008


maybe...just maybe...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Driver on a Northern Line train pulling into Goodge Street Station, says over the Train tannoy system:

"Thank you to the person who has just taken a picture as I pulled into the station, I am now blind"

It's nice to be back in London.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Merkel G8 Presser

Angela Merkel has been speaking for 45 minutes.

I don't really understand German.

I'm bored.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

G8 Circus

I am presently in Germany enjoying the G8 circus, and while it took me and my team an extra 45 minutes of driving around the back roads of Kuhlungsborn to find an 'unblocked' road to get to the press center, I am not that upset as while I sit in the press center and watch the circus go by, I have been entertained by 'performance artists' on stilts, artists with loud speaker skirts (yep, a clear plastic skirt with loudspeakers mounted into it), an unending supply of German food and drink, and lets not forget the endless representatives from policy groups / action groups / charities and other news organisations that are all trying to promote / push their own agenda or are desperate for someone to give them a sound bite.

OK, so I am actually managing to do some 'work' (although not much has really happened so far) and in the down time waiting for the big players to speak, I have been thinking about just how much money is being spent on this thing.

The 'security fence' alone which encloses the G8 leaders in Helingdamn, cost (I overheard) a massive 15 Million Euros, and then don't forget you have all the other costs.

The biggest abuser has to be GW Bush.

Bush's entourage is huge - he's got a big arse plane all the way from the States (Air Force One) to bring him to Rostock and then his own helicopter fleet, from the U.S. to take him from Rostock to the G8 site at Heiligendamm, and then his own fleet of cars from the U.S. (all bullet and bomb proof no doubt) to drive him around, what an example for CO2 emissions!
Oh and if you think that Bush is naughty- what about all those so called 'tree-hugger protesters' who are ripping down those poor defenceless trees so they can block the roads...

I guess it was never going to be straight forward.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mad Dogs part 2

After my last post Mad dogs amid Englishmen I thought I would update with whats going on at the mo...

So I'm in the process of patching the hole in the fence that the demon dog has left,(I guess) using a mixture of head-butting and chewing, and I get talking to Michelle who rightly so is very upset that the dog keeps getting into their garden, and she mentions some interesting information (not sure how much of this is strictly true):
  • They (Michelle and Magdy) used to have a pet rabbit - not any more, as the dog got to it, and killed it.

  • One one occasion when the dog was in their garden, she was bitten savagely on the heel by the brute, and as dog bites are full of nasties, it took some time to heal.

  • She has reported these facts to both the RSPCA and the Police can't / won't do anything.

  • They wanted to prosecute the dogs owner (as a way of making sure that their children wont be bitten, but could not as apparently the dogs owner was in prison at the time, and the Police recommended that it would 'cost too much' to take him out of clink to prosecute.

  • On the occasion of the rabbit killing, Magdy went around to tell the dogs owner of the incident, and he threw the mangled, bloody remains over the fence for the kids to see

  • Magdy has asked the dogs owner and the landlord of the property to repair the fence (it is the sole responsibility of the landlord to replace / repair it) and surprise, surprise he refuses to.

  • 4 other neighbours have reported the 'dangerous' if not scary and aggressive animal to the RSPCA and to the Police - but to no avail

  • To my left, my neighbours have a small baby, and if the dog continues to get into my garden, I hate to think what could happen

So the other day I report all these details to my local community Police force - now delightfully called the 'Safer Neighbourhood team' and was told that although the reporting Constable would pass these on to his superior officer, it would be unlikely that anything could be done, as the dog has not really done anything that warrants removal.
At the moment it so far so good for my reinforced chicken wire barrier, as it seems to stop the dog coming into my garden, it doesnt however solve the problem for Michelle and Magdy and all the others.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mad dogs amid Englishmen

It all started a good 3 to 4 months ago when my neighbour on the right 'Steve' asked as we were returning home on evening if we had a dog, to which we both replied 'no', he told us how he had seen a black dog having a good look around the garden, true enough upon investigation (and I'm no Sherlock Holmes) we discovered the tell tale signs of dog shit on the grass and a hole in the fence.
No more sightings till...late March early April, and I awoke one morning and opened the bedroom curtains to find a rather stout black 'Pit Bull - Rottweiler' type creature staring back at me, with what can only be described as 'come and have a go if you think your hard enough' eyes.

So being the fearless adventurer, the no nonsense 'man of the house' I decided the best course of action was to warn my other half not to open the back door as the dog looked a little bit dodgy, and by dodgy I mean just plain crazy dangerous.
So after ten minutes of having a good look around the garden, crapping on the grass (again) and then quenching his thirst in our newish pond he wondered back through the hole in the fence to where he initially came from.

We both went off to work and thought nothing more of it, except of course to patch the hole in the fence.

The following weekend as I'm patching up with a nice strong barrier type thing I get talking to my 'rear' neighbours (whose garden backs on to mine) Michelle and Magdy, who tell me that the dog belongs to their left hand side neighbour, who keeps it locked in the garden all day and also often beats the poor animal.
Magdy tells me that the dog is always prowling around, and so he's asked the dog's owner as well as the landlord of the property to repair the damaged fencing, but surprise surprise they can't be bothered.

They have reported the dog as dangerous to the Police and the RSPCA, but nothing is or will be done.
So this poor, neglected, bored and beaten creature does what it can to pass away the hours that it's kept outside, and when the owner comes back it doesnt get any better.

- did I mention that Michelle and Magdy have two small kids who love playing in their garden, as well as a pet rabbit.

I wonder what could possibly happen????

To be continued...